Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New McDowell Books!!!

Ok. Calm down. They're not out yet. I just came across them at the Harvard University Press website. In January 2009, McDowell's Engaged Intellect: Philosophical Esays and Having the World in View: Essays on Kant, Hegel, and Sellars hit the streets. The first book is a collection of essays on assorted topics like Davidson, Wittgenstein, and Ancient Philosophy. Having the World in View extends McDowell's "Woodbridge Lectures" to include a number of essays on Hegel. Many of these essays are available already in various journals, but it will be nice to have them in book form. The table of contents are here and here respectively.


jane said...

It'll be ok! I'm sure you'll have them as soon as they're hot off the presses. Did you preorder them on Amazon????

Anonymous said...

"They're not out yet." There, I said it.

Gabriel Gottlieb said...