Friday, May 23, 2008

Free Issue of EJP

DuckRabbit pointed out the European Journal of Philosophy has made available online the April 2008 issue, which includes what looks to be an interesting article by Beatrice Longuenesse titled "Self-Consciousness and Self-Reference: Sartre and Wittgenstein." In addition to articles on Hume and McDowell, there is an article by Wayne Martin titled "Transcendetal Philosophy and Atheism" which discusses Fichte's work surrounding his atheism controversy.


Anstein said...

This is basically just to say "Hi" Gabe, but Victoria McGeer's article in that issue of EJP is pretty good. A good summary of Moran and some good objections to him. Absolutely worth reading, though I think that she is to generous with Moran and that her objections demands that she departs more from him.

Anyways, I hope you are well. Take care.

Gabriel Gottlieb said...

Hey Anstein, thanks for the comment. I downloaded her article, but have not read it yet. Thanks for the tip. Things are good here. Hope all is well with you!

Mae said...

Good words.