Friday, January 11, 2008

Hegel's Science of Logic

There is an online reading group reading Hegel's Science of Logic. Various blogs appear to be taking part. You can find a link to all the posts here at Rough Theory.

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N. Pepperell said...

Gabriel - Thanks for the link. You're welcome to join the fray, if you like. :-) One of the earlier posts on the group mentions that, if anyone would like me to include their contributions in the list, they should link to one of the reading group posts, so that I'll see them. I'll try periodically, as the discussion moves forward, to write things that thread together the various responses (Alexei, though, has stolen that role this time around, with a particularly lovely post on the discussion relating to the first preface, so I'm also happy to let others fill that role of making cross-connections, if people step forward).