Sunday, August 26, 2007

Yovel's Hegel Translation

Over at The Brooks Blog, Thom Brooks (Newcastle) has posted a draft of a paper he will present at The Hegel Society of Great Britain in September during a roundtable on Yirmiyahu Yovel's (New School) translation of Hegel's Preface to the Phenomenology of Spirit. Brooks criticizes Yovel for taking too general of an approach in his commentary on the Preface. For the conference program go here.


The Brooks Blog said...

Thanks for noting this on your blog. I'd be interested to learn what people make of Yovel's new work on the preface.

Anonymous said...

For me, Yovel's "Dark Riddle" book about Hegel and Nietzsche was the best intro to 19th cen. German philo that I've ever read. So I was very interested in tackling for the first time since grad school the intro; it used to put me off completely. I must say I thought it wonderful. I'm not, and never will be a Hegel Scholar. But the translation is lucid, extremely well structured; the comments explain precisely what needs to be explained without taking over from the main text, and the commentary puts most of this in context. It becomes cohesive without artificially tight. I'm sure many points can be critiqued, and yet this one of the best philosophical offering I came along this year. (I just hate the cover, and wish it was paperbound).