Monday, March 22, 2010

The Relevance of Romanticism (Conference)

Villanova University is hosting a conference The Relevance of Romanticism April 16-17. The lineup is quite strong and the keynote speakers are Manfred Frank and Frederick Beiser, two figures that have done a lot to clarify the philosophical contribution of the German Romantics. Here you will find the conference program.

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Samuel said...

Do you know if these papers will be published, at least the keynotes?

I love Beiser in particular and have never heard him in person, but I couldn't make it to this conference.

Also, I'm interested in your work and the German Idealism workshop. I'm a master's student at Yale, currently, and I'll be in Germany next year, but I would love to get involved when I return, if that's possible.

My dissertation (when I get to it! I don't know where I'll be then) will be on Kierkegaard and Idealism, so I'm interested in finding out what younger scholars are presently doing in Idealism.