Wednesday, January 28, 2009


David Chalmers has announced that PhilPapers has now gone public. PhilPapers is a database of philosophy papers maintained by Chalmers and David Bourget. The database is set up around a category system that organizes papers into various philosophical categories. Under the category History of Western Philosophy, for instance, you will find sub-categories like 19th Century Philosophy, 19th Century German Philosophy, Fichte, and Hegel. The groupings contain links to papers, abstracts, and books. Currently, the database has close to 200,000 entries, and it is expected to grow quickly. I imagine this will become an incredibly useful research tool, and an easy way to access online papers. The project grows out of the MindPapers database Chalmers also maintains, an excellent resource for people working in philosophy of mind.

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ChrisE said...

So it sounds like they're trying to create a free alternative to Philosophers' Index, with added features, eh? Seems like a natural step in a good direction.

For most of graduate school for me, to access the PI, we walked over to the basement of the library and made an appointment to check out one of the little rooms where the PI CD could be used for an hour, or until a geography student came by needing to use their CD database. So, progress!