Saturday, February 16, 2008

NY German Idealism Workshop

We are excited to announce that the New York German Idealism Workshop Series is planning two events for the Spring.

Here is the info for the first meeting:

Dietmar Heidemann (Hofstra)
Paper: "Is Kant a Skeptic?"
Date: March 7, 4pm
Place: The New School at 65 5th Ave (corner of 14th St.)
Room: Machinist Conference Room (The room number is 106. The Machinist Conference room is on the Mezzanine level between floors 1 and 2).

The workshop series focuses on Kant and German Idealism, but is not at all limited to Fichte, Schelling and Hegel. At each workshop a paper will be presented (approx. 45 minutes), and after a 10-15 minute response paper, we will have a discussion period. Two weeks before the workshop the paper will be circulated by email. This will give us time to consider the work more thoroughly than if we were to only listen to a presentation, as is customary in department workshop series and conferences. Our hope is that such a format will bring about a deeper engagement with the each paper. To receive the paper, contact me by email.

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