Tuesday, September 4, 2007

One Month Anniversary!

A new semester is beginning for most of us, and that means we are likely overwhelmed with new courses, students and old friends. With August ending Self and World has now been up for one month, and I think it's off to a fine start. In August there were over 700 visitors, and it seems many have become regular readers. So that's great!

In September I plan to have some guest bloggers posting on Kant and Hegel, and I plan to post on Fichte, in addition to posts related to German Idealism and academia generally. I will be working also on Kant's Critique of Judgment, so expect some posts about that as well.

I want to thank everyone for checking out the blog and linking to it, and I urge everyone to spread the word about Self and World to your students, colleagues and friends. Happy Fall Semester!


jane said...

Congratulations on your first month!

David W. Wood said...

As someone doing their PhD in Munich on Fichte and Geometry, great to see your thoughts on different aspects of the Wissenschaftslehre and Fichte generally. Thanks too for the info on new publications (Well, esp. for mentioning my recent Novalis publication!). Best wishes, David.

Gabriel Gottlieb said...

Thanks David and Jane! David, I would love to hear more about your dissertation. You can contact me by email: gottg135@newschool.edu